Tulsa Business Litigation Attorney

Handling Business Litigation throughout Oklahoma

Arya A. Adibi has the experience, knowledge, and reputation to successfully represent clients in state and federal courts in business litigation matters. Commerce creates the need to negotiate terms of dealings with parties through contracts. Often times, business disputes arise between parties when one of them breaches or does not perform to the other party's satisfaction. When litigation becomes the most advantageous option, we approach it with the same fierce advocacy as we do in contract negotiations. Arya will work with you to develop a comprehensive litigation strategy.

A business dispute is disruptive in many ways. Your concentration is diverted from operations. Your operations may be disrupted by the other party's breach or failure to perform. You need to find a lawyer who can help you. If the lawyer you choose requires high fees, a lawsuit may not be worthwhile. At our firm you will find an experienced lawyer whose fees are not cost prohibitive. Negotiation is always the first strategy, and we excel at it. An out-of-court settlement is the quickest and lowest-cost solution. Often, alternative dispute resolution is also less time-consuming and costly than litigation in court. We can represent parties in mediation and arbitration. A business lawsuit may be the only way to recoup your losses and be made whole. We are ready and able to handle your matter effectively, at both trial and appellate levels. Among the matters we handle are:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Business fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Vendor and supplier disputes
  • Partnership issues
  • Commercial contract law
  • Real estate and leasing disputes
  • Business torts, including fraud and misrepresentation

When disputes arise, clients expect to be represented by attorneys who will protect their interests with high quality legal skills. They also need lawyers that are sensitive to demands of the client's business.

We make it our goal to understand each client's goals and to conform our representation to the resolution focused on bringing those goals to fruition. Business litigation lawyers should resolve, not create problems. The client's personal or business needs should be the fundemental base of the legal strategy. Contact us to arrange a free consultation. The scope of the business and corporate law practice includes negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements, including supplier, distribution, manufacturing, partnership, joint ventures and franchising agreements as well as the formation and operation of business entities, including corporations, limited and general partnerships, joint ventures, and limited liability companies.

When you need an attorney to handle a litigation matter, we have the reputation, experience and knowledge to handle your case. At our firm, every client is our most important client. Whether you are an individual or represent a large corporation, a mid-size firm, or a small or startup business, your legal issue will receive the personal attention it deserves.

Tulsa Business Litigation Attorney

The firm has established a successful trial practice that serves Tulsa and the greater Northeastern Oklahoma area. With experience in business law, Arya has the background and knowledge to offer you the dedicated legal counsel you deserve.

If you are interested in obtaining an aggressive defense or advocate for your business law matter, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Adibi. He is available to take your call anytime and will provide a free initial consultation regarding your case!